We are committed to providing our clients with an elevated experience from start to finish.

This promise begins with the teams we carefully assemble to execute each project, all the way to the microscopic considerations needed for the final phases of installation.

We believe any designer can promise you a beautiful space, but our distinctive multi-step process helps manage realistic expectations and maintains project momentum by outlining key timelines and milestones.

In addition to offering highly bespoke design services, we also provide our clients with a dose of education every step of the way. Our goal is for clients to feel knowledgeable and confident when making an investment in their environment.


With architecture so centric to our design philosophies and work, we primarily focus on whole-home interior design.

Kipling House will lead the client from the initial stages of conception, to the final stages of installation (when the magic finally unveils itself!). This most always includes floor planning and space design, interior design, furnishings, decor and custom design solutions.

Bedroom with Teddy bear
Comprehensive whole-home interior design

While this process is incredibly tailored to each and every project, some of the basic elements one might expect would include:

  • Initial site visit and project review session
  • Dedicated timeline for each phase of construction, design and installation
  • Bespoke design development
  • Cabinetry drafting
  • Deep collaboration among project partners
  • Educational and immersive experience for clients
  • Project management from initial concept-phase to final installation

We’d love to learn more about your project and invite you to connect via phone or email.